Maker of things

Growing @sumry with @nate & @hayden. I build products, grow companies, read books, drink coffee and ride bicycles.

Sydney, Australia

Things I Built
  • Sumry - Reimagine the Resume

    I built sumry because I believed the traditional resume was broken. That people are unique and are more than their employment history. Growing it now with Nate Hanson and Hayden Bleasel into much much more.

  • myEd - Rebuild Education

    I joined the myEd team, because I believe the education system is broken, and that technology can be utilised to unleash teachers to make change in their school.

  • Stale - Tasks for Minimalists

    My recent side project. A simple task app that could never get clogged. Stale tasks disappear after two weeks. Built for people who love shorthand.

  • 2013

    WhatTime - Social Timetables

    Designed, built and grew a beautiful timetable app for university students that brought the outdated class timetable experience online and made it social.

My Life
  • Released First App

    'Diet4Blood' is released on the AppStore. This niche market health app will continue to bring in reoccurring revenue for years to come.

  • 2010

    University Scholarship

    Accepted into the prestigious University of Technology Sydney, on a Co-Op scholarship.

  • Internship with CargoWise

    Started an internship with CargoWise that would later turn into a two year position. I learn't how to make enterprise software while working with an awesome team.

  • 2012

    Off to Chicago Illinois

    Moved to Chicago for six months to develop CargoWise's mobile platform. Built an enterprise level hybrid app that worked across mobile and tablet.

  • 2013

    WhatTime: Cool 6K Users

    WhatTime takes off in week 4 with over 6K users adopting the social timetable service. WhatTime jumps to 3rd top education App and 100th overall free App.

  • JUL

    Product Designer @ Local Measure

    Joined the great team at Local Measure as a Product Designer, working to help companies make sense of their social data.

  • 2014

    Launched Sumry

    Started 2014 with a bang by launching Sumry. Three months of beta testers helped me refine it as a product and made me focus on doing just a few things right.

  • Time to Rebuild Education

    I join the great team at myEd to help rebuild education from the ground up. We're a passionate team of 5 just trying to change the world.

  • Sumry Hits 6K Users

    Nate Hanson joins the Sumry Team as Co-Founder. Shortly after, we receive some great press coverage including TNW & Mashable, which help shoot us up to 6K users.

  • OCT

    Sumry Hits 18K Users

    We're so proud to have helped a lot of people land their dream job with sumry. We're hoping to take this to the next level over the coming months. Stay tuned :)

  • Product Design

    Understanding, deconstructing and productising problems is what I do best. I turn big vision into simple products that people love.

  • UX/UI Design

    I started my design journey in iOS apps back when the world was still round. In 2013 I transitioned into designing web products. I believe designed from technical backgrounds have an unfair advantage for creating products that look beautiful but also work well and at scale.

  • Front-End Web Dev

    I started from the bottom (iOS), but now I'm a killer web dev. I've built some stupidly cool things in Angular + LESS.

  • Back-End Dev

    Can write a nice NodeJS App or Api but just don't ask me to manage the infrastructure, I'm too lazy for that. Used managed hosting in the past but moving to Digital Ocean.

  • Passionate

    Honestly, when it comes down to it, I just really care about making positive change in the world. I do that through building disruptive products.

  • Driven

    I'm self driven, love learning and strive for change and impact.

  • Modest

    I'm pretty much the most humble and modest person, ever. Oh, and ridiculously good at everything I do.

  • Genuine

    Jokes aside, I like to think that when it comes down to it, I'm a genuine person with other's best interests in mind.

  • Simplicity

    Both in the products I make and the ones I love, simplicity is core. If a product is not simple, it's because not enough time and effort has gone into it yet to strip it back to it's core.

  • Focus

    Bringing focus into products and teams is a big passion of mine. It goes hand in hand with simplicity.

  • Offscreen

    An independent magazine about the 'people behind the pixels'. Offscreen captured my mind and my heart from day one. There would be an issue with me at all times, if they weren't vacuum sealed in a glass cabinet.

  • Typography

    I was lucky enough to do a Typography elective at university that got me hooked. When I'm not working on beautiful designs, I'm browsing type or playing The Font Game.

  • Spotify

    Discovered it because of its great service, fell in love because of it's great UX. Don't come at me with no Rdio, that's UI candy, not a great product.

  • Sketch

    Sketch by Bohemian Coding is amazing. Been proudly with them since day one and love where they are going.

  • Sebastian Kade

    I work on projects that I love, to create things that people love.


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